Construction sites are a constant target for theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, and it is not uncommon to hear news about the theft of essential construction supplies and equipment from sites. Toronto construction sites have been in the headlines recently for numerous incidents of theft. One, in a Milton construction site, involved the theft of a mobile lunchroom valued at $10,000 and another site had a total loss of $5,000

Construction theft is a serious risk with large or small equipment being stolen from construction sites at an alarming rate. Hiring a team of experienced and skilled security guards is essential to give you peace of mind that your business investment is safe and risk-free.

Why is Construction Security in Toronto Essential?

The construction industry is expensive. Large and small construction equipment, construction supplies, and other tools could easily cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s easy to see why criminals would want to target a construction site for criminal activity because there is a big payoff waiting for them.

There are several reasons why you need construction security in Toronto to guard your construction site.

1. Construction security can deter crimes like theft and vandalism.

Construction sites are filled with high-value equipment and supplies. It is also a high-traffic area, especially during peak hours. Without a dedicated team to guard and secure the site, it is easy for criminals to slip in and steal valuable items from the site. 

Your construction team has its own set of duties and responsibilities, so they are not particularly concerned about keeping your assets secure. On the other hand, a construction security firm is solely responsible for making sure that your valuable construction equipment is safe and secure. Incidents of theft and vandalism can delay your project and add to the overall cost of the project. Delays can mess up your project timeline and lead to more losses in the long run.

2. Construction security ensures the safety of your employees.

It’s not just your high-value construction equipment that is at risk when there are criminals on your construction site, your employees are at risk too. 

Hiring a construction site security team provides a safe environment for your employees. A team of security guards can prevent unauthorized entry into the construction site.

3. Construction security gives you peace of mind.

Professional security guards designated to look after your construction site have a solid communication strategy. Their years of experience and expertise on the job allow them to deliver seamless tracking, monitoring, and reporting of any suspicious activities. They could also immediately raise an alert if they notice anything suspicious on the site. 

services offered by a construction security firm in Toronto

What to Expect from Construction Security in Toronto

Professional construction security services offer various services to match your site’s needs for security and safety. You can expect a professionally developed security system and personnel to match your assessed level of risk. The firm will provide security offers on the site to perform multiple duties, which can be amended to suit your specific needs:

  • They can track and monitor the entry and exit points of the construction site. The security officers are given the authority to access control, which means they can deny entry to any individual or vehicle that does not comply with the access control protocols such as standard search procedures.
  • They can provide constant assessment and monitoring of security threats on site. Active monitoring is also tied with rapid response strategies to ensure that any threats can be thwarted on site, or deterred. 
  • The security offers will regularly patrol the site – within and outside the perimeter of the construction site.
  • The security firm can install CCTV systems to aid in the active monitoring of threats within the construction site.
  • The security officers can write up incident reports that will be useful in the investigation, in the event of theft or other criminal activities. 

How to Choose Your Construction Security Firm

Every construction site is unique, and so are your needs. Aligning your security needs with the services offered by a construction security firm in Toronto is important to have success in this partnership. 

A thorough security risk assessment is the first step to finding the right firm. The only way that a security firm can offer bespoke solutions for your construction site is with a risk assessment report. Identifying the threat based on the location, environment, and other specific needs helps to deliver a more detailed and appropriate security strategy.

The next step is to identify the services offered and how those are delivered. The best security firms for construction sites are the ones that offer a hybrid approach to physical monitoring and technological tools. Increasing the visibility of security personnel heightens the security level in the construction site. 

However, the physical presence of security guards is not enough because of the size of construction sites. For this, you need the help of security technologies such as highly-visible CCTVs, alarm systems, and other forms of security monitoring. The security guards patrol the construction site to deter crimes and the CCTV systems can provide an extra set of eyes when they are not around to supervise. 

Professional construction security services in Toronto

Proactive Steps to Improve Construction Security

Developing internal security measures and activities to minimize the possibility of theft and other criminal activities on the construction site is recommended. On top of hiring a security firm, you must be proactive in preventing crimes rather than trying to pursue criminals. Below are some recommended measures that you can take to enhance security at the construction site:

• Install valuable items the same day they are delivered to the site

• Designate proper and secure storage for high-value equipment and supplies

• Ensure tools and other equipment are out of view (when not in use)

• Secure entry points with locks, doors, and fencing

• Always keep a clean working area (to avoid injuries)

• Discard trash right away to eliminate on-site clutter

• Build construction fencing

• Keep the construction site adequately lit

• Install security cameras and other monitoring tools

Lastly, hire a top-tier construction security firm in Toronto that offers bespoke security solutions. Make sure you follow the recommendations above to help find the best team for the job.