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Our security services consist of highly trained professionals with the experience and expertise to aid you in every possible situation.

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The core values of our firm and our modality of service are based on the basic premise of trust earned as a result of security, and that security can only be fostered in deeds and actions which are exemplars of integrity.

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Proudly Serving Canadians Since 1981

From the very humble beginnings, Magnum’s presence as a security and support provider has been and continues to be there.

Live Dispatch Centre

MPS Concierge Services are available and flexible to handle emergencies. Our live dispatch centre is available 24/7 and located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Commercial & Residential Building Guards

Call us and have your very own security concierge at your home, office or event to protect and assist you or your guests in a dignified manner.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our Protective Services utilize state-of-the-art patrol tracking technology to deliver unparalleled levels of quality assured security and customer service.

Retail Guards

Our retail security guards will monitor your business to ensure a safe environment that keeps employees honest, attracts customers and reduces risks off when facing external threats.

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Our professionalism is in our people. Our guards are committed to delivering value to our clients twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Our training programs, management support systems and staff commitment have resulted in us having one of the most loyal, well trained and professional contract security services in Toronto.