Traffic Signalers

Traffic Signalers provide a vital safety function on industrial and construction work sites. With very few exceptions, the majority of motor vehicles have blind spots where the vehicle operator cannot see what is around the vehicle. In an industrial or construction setting, where there exists ongoing work activity of divers focus conducted by many independent contractors and general pedestrian activity, a Traffic Signaler provides the additional pair of ‘eyes’ required for a vehicle operator to safely navigate the vehicle to reduce or negate the risk of personal injury and property damage by signaling the operator when the way is clear. A Traffic Signaler may, as required, momentarily signal pedestrians and other vehicular traffic to give way to a vehicle exiting or entering a work area.

Traffic Signalers require specialized training in the form of classroom tutorials and on-the-job practical ‘learn-by-doing’ instruction. All our Traffic Signalers receive a minimum of half-day in-class safety training and two days of practical ‘learn-by-doing’ on-the-job instruction.

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