Fire can break out anywhere. Workplace and business spaces are no exception from this. Not only is it a health risk to employees, but a fire in the workplace can also lead to potentially significant financial losses for a business. The Toronto Fire Services Communication Centre provides detailed reporting of active fire incidents in the city, which only shows that fire can happen at any time and anywhere. For businesses, fire is too big of a risk to not take serious measures against. Taking a proactive approach with the help of firms that offer firewatch safety in Toronto can save lives and your business. 

What Does a Firewatch Safety Guard Do?

Whether you own a warehouse, operate a construction site, or have any other business, it is important to have a fire safety system in place. The City of Toronto website offers a few guidelines that all businesses must observe and adhere to governing workplace fire safety. Most businesses follow the standard procedures for fire safety such as installing a fire alarm, a sprinkler system, or a water system. These tools and systems are essential to keep your business safe in the event of a fire. 

However, this is not always enough. You need a firewatch safety guard to ensure that you can respond in real-time to any threat of fire, or prevent it in the first place.

A firewatch safety guard’s duties and responsibilities are comprehensive. The services they provide can vary based on your needs and specifications. Here is an overview of the scope of tasks that a firewatch safety officer in Toronto can do for your business.

1. They ensure safety compliance.

Professional firewatch safety officers or guards are educated and trained on workplace fire safety and compliance regulations. They can serve as consultants for your business and improve your fire safety at work to avoid the possibility of fire. They can recommend fire safety measures that ensure your business complies with the existing regulations. The City of Toronto requires all businesses to observe these compliance laws to legally operate. If not, your business could face hefty fines for violating these laws. 

The services of a firewatch safety guard can prevent your business from getting penalized, or shut down for non-compliance.

Fire Watch Security Guard

2. They can help with patrolling the business premises.

Firewatch security guards are like any other type of security personnel in that they can watch over your business property. The firewatch security group will patrol your business at interval shifts within 24 hours. Business owners can get peace of mind knowing that their business is being watched over, even when they are away. 

The patrolling officers are also responsible for alerting the fire services in Toronto, in case a fire breaks out. The sooner the fire incident is reported, the more immediate the response will be. The timely reporting of fire incidents can significantly reduce the cost of damage resulting from workplace fires. 

These guards are not trained to extinguish a fire, so you will still need to report the incident to the fire service in Toronto. However, the firewatch safety guard can help in making sure that there is as little damage as possible resulting from the fire. 

3. They can do preventive checkups and maintenance of the building.

Firewatch safety guards are highly skilled and knowledgeable in workplace fire and safety. They can perform regular checkups on the electrical systems in your building or facility. They will also check your fire suppression and alarm systems to ensure they are working. These trained guards can identify potential fire hazards so that they can be addressed before problems arise.

firewatch safety guard keeps logs of workplace fire safety status

4. They can keep logs of workplace fire safety status.

A firewatch safety guard is also responsible for keeping a log of the overall fire compliance measures in the business. The log will contain detailed information on potential hazards and monitor them if those issues have been addressed. 

The log can also be used by the fire department in case of a fire. This log will provide the fire department with the necessary information to assist in the investigation. 

5. They can instill a culture of safety in the workplace.

With their training and knowledge of fire safety, a firewatch safety guard in Toronto can help businesses develop a solid fire prevention and safety plan. They will help identify potential areas of risk in your business and recommend safety solutions to mitigate those risks. 

As they share their knowledge on fire safety, their presence also develops a culture of fire awareness and safety among your employees. It helps to keep your employees informed about the importance of following the recommended safety regulations to avoid the possibility of fire. 

Why Does Your Business Need One?

A workplace fire, big or small, can cause disruptions to your business. It is a threat to your business assets, your employees, and the property. While it is true that you cannot predict when a fire will happen, there are steps you can take to prevent it or reduce the likelihood of it happening.

The duties and responsibilities of a firewatch safety guard in Toronto can be a valuable asset to your business. Like regular security guards, their physical presence can deter criminals from malicious acts. Arson in businesses is prevalent as there have been over 8,000 arson incidents in Canada in the past two decades. The presence of a firewatch guard can deter these criminals from acting on their plans.

Their services also add value to your business when it comes to your insurance protection. Some insurance companies have a clause that could deny you a claim in there is a fire and your alarm systems fail. The failure of your alarm systems indicates a lack of protection for your business. However, the presence of a firewatch safety guard can enhance your safety measures and can help with your insurance claim. 

Whether or not your insurer requires you to hire one, enlisting the services of a firewatch security firm in Toronto is a smart business move. The cost of hiring this kind of service will pay for itself in the long run, especially since you can have peace of mind about the security of your business.