Security is a vital aspect of any business. Since a business space holds valuable items and physical assets, it is crucial to employ top-notch security services to ensure the safety of these valuable items and deter criminals. However, devising a robust security strategy becomes challenging when managing a large or complex business site. The presence of security guards in one part of the building makes other areas vulnerable to criminal activities, primarily through coordinated planning of attacks. For this reason, you should consider hiring a mobile security patrol to facilitate close monitoring of the entire premises, not just one area.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Mobile Security Patrol Officer?

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a mobile security patrol enables you to determine its advantage to your organization. Mobile security patrols differ from static security guards who stay in one area to guard its immediate perimeter. For example, security guards control and regulate access to a building through its entry and exit points. 

Mobile patrol security surveillance in progress

On the other hand, mobile security patrols do the same job of ensuring the safety and security of the premises. However, they do not remain in one spot; they patrol the surrounding areas of a particular site they are assigned to guard at any given time. Mobile patrols provide roving services within the vicinity to keep an eye on suspicious individuals or activities. These security guards employ vehicles to make it easier to cover a large area and provide a visual deterrent to thieves and other criminals.

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Security Patrol 

A mobile security patrol is a significant investment for businesses and property owners. So, why choose it over traditional security services?

1. Mobile Security Patrols Offer a Comprehensive Security Plan

The primary role of mobile security patrol units is to secure the building or property from unlawful activities. Qualified mobile security patrol officers have extensive training in all aspects of security – from monitoring the immediate premises of a building or residence to maintaining access control and detection of suspicious activities or individuals. Therefore, they are highly skilled at analyzing criminal behaviour to alert other security personnel of a potential crime and to contain the activity before it happens.

In addition, these are highly trained individuals who can respond to emergencies in case of a security breach. Their immediate response helps minimize damage to the property and facilitates investigating crimes if they do occur. As part of their training, they have a keen eye and attention to detail that allows them to stay alert if there are signs of ongoing criminal activity or the possibility of such an activity.

2. Mobile Security Patrol Officers Provide Active and Real-Time Monitoring

Static guards provide security in the building or property entrance or exit points. However, there are limitations in how they provide security to your building and its occupants since they remain posted in one area. 

On the other hand, mobile security patrols provide active security monitoring because they are constantly on the move. They use patrol vehicles to roam the area and scope out any suspicious activities within the premises. This active presence allows them to respond to potential criminal activities in real-time and avoid serious damage or financial loss to the property.

Mobile security patrols alone cannot deliver a complete security solution for businesses. Therefore, you could employ their services alongside other security measures, such as installing video surveillance systems, biometric systems, and other tracking devices. Using technology can further enhance the security level of the property, making it more difficult for criminals to penetrate.

Mobile patrols provide roving services within the vicinity

3. Mobile Security Patrols Deter Criminals

Planned criminal activities require careful assessment of the properties they will target for their next activity. One consideration when they choose a property to target is the presence and visibility of security personnel. 

Employing a mobile security patrol to guard your property or building can help deter criminals. It makes your building a less probable target for such criminal activities as they have a higher chance of getting caught. This is especially true when a roving guard or mobile patrol is present in different areas of the property. There are no vulnerable areas where criminals could attempt to gain entry into a property. 

4. Mobile Patrol Security Officers Give You Cost Savings

Hiring a mobile patrol security to guard your property premises is a cost-efficient and cost-saving investment. 

It might seem counterproductive to say that hiring mobile security is cost-efficient. However, hiring mobile security when needed is more cost-effective than hiring full-time, static guards. You only pay for the services you need, allowing you to adjust the security solutions to match your needs and budget. The adaptability of mobile security services makes for a seamless fit for the various requirements of different businesses and properties. 

For example, retail businesses and complexes might have seasonal demands wherein they expect a higher influx of customer traffic during the holiday season. Therefore, you can scale your security team by employing a mobile security patrol to fortify your existing security measures without hiring full-time security personnel. 

Also, the cost savings can come from preventing property damage or theft. Businesses lose thousands annually due to theft and property damage, especially if the insurance coverage against property damage is insufficient. Therefore, businesses have to cover the cost of damages, resulting in significant profit losses. Hiring a mobile security team can compensate for these losses, which makes them a cost-effective solution.

Final Recommendations When Hiring a Mobile Security Patrol 

Hiring a mobile security patrol for your property or business is not an all-in-one security solution. It is just one of many tools you should employ to ensure you can deter criminals and keep your property secure. 

In addition, diligently vet your options among mobile security patrol providers to ensure you can find the right fit for your business needs. It ensures that you have the right solution to give you peace of mind and a return on investment.