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No two clients’ security concierge requirements are identical. The culture and personality of each property are determined by the tenants, visitors, staff and neighbors who come into contact. This is why we tailor our Toronto security concierge services and carefully select your concierge to ensure your needs are addressed with regard to training, culture and personality.

Certain special events require the services of trained fire watch guards. A building may already have fire alarms, fire sprinklers and so on but what if there is a malfunction which creates a situation of heightened risk. This is where our faithful and loyal fire watch guards step in and resolve the situation immediately. Our fire watch guards are sharp-eyed and on the lookout for flammable or toxic waste to prevent any bigger disaster from occuring.

We have professionally trained gatehouse security personnel at your service on a 24/7 basis. These security guards are qualified in safety and first aid, traffic control and access control. They will greet the residents in a graceful and respectful manner and help install necessary CCTV security cameras wherever needed.

Concierge and security services are needed at places of work and even homes. Our uniformed employees can guard your property against trespassing and theft. They maintain records of visitors in a commercial building and offer various other valuable services.

The requirements for guards around construction sites are crucial, irrespective of the physical size of the construction work at hand. An unguarded construction site is bounded to attract thieves owing to the expensive equipment found at the site. Our uniformed patrol guards will monitor and supervise the unattended construction sites. Threat and risk assessment along with 24/7 monitoring are some of the services offered by our Toronto security guards.

Traffic Signalers provide a vital safety function on industrial and construction work sites. With very few exceptions, the majority of motor vehicles have blind spots where the vehicle operator cannot see what is around the vehicle. A Traffic Signaler provides the additional pair of ‘eyes’ required for a vehicle operator to safely navigate the vehicle to reduce or negate the risk of personal injury and property damage by signaling the operator when the way is clear.

We offer our security services to ensure the safety and protection of your warehouses. Warehouses fall prey to both fires and theft and thus they requires someone to always be on the lookout. Our Toronto security guards have been trained to use fire extinguishers and are also in constant contact with the fire department.

Toronto retail malls security guard services form a huge part of our workload. We offer protection which only our workforce is capable of performing. These security guards open the door and frisk customers to avoid any unnecessary trouble. They also monitor security footage on CCTV cameras to ensure that there are no instances of shoplifting or theft.

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Our professionalism is in our people. Our guards are committed to delivering value to our clients twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Our training programs, management support systems and staff commitment have resulted in us having one of the most loyal, well trained and professional contract security services in Toronto.