Toronto Condominium Security Services

Our Toronto condo security experts are here to help you keep your building, community and campus safe. Having many years of experience in the business, we have trained our security guards to rise to the occasion and tackle any problem or inconvenience immediately and efficiently. We truly understand how important it is to implement condo security measures. Privacy and utmost confidentiality are maintained by our security service guards when patrolling and safeguarding your homes and condos. We have a great deal offering condo security services in Toronto. Residents require a quiet, hassle-free and safe living environment with adequate security. We go beyond the boundaries of traditional security posts and provide concierge and reception services. Our dedicated security guards monitor traffic, enforce residential codes of conduct, hail cabs and assist with receiving important mails and packages. They provide maintenance and up-keep services in campus within the condo. Our condominium security services also cover the campus and parking lot. We will conduct a complete assessment of the parking lot and identify vulnerable areas. It is at these points where we can install CCTV security cameras. We provide both mobile and foot patrol security officers who are on guard in the campus and parking lot of your condo.

Condo Security Toronto

Having a well-knit security team in a residential building actually gives residents the peace of mind which they are longing for. It makes them feel assured of their safety. We are dedicated in keeping Toronto residents safe and secure. Our uniformed security guards will be on their best behaviour, greeting all residents and guests. To ensure a rapid and speedy response our officers are equipped with radios. Regular reports are maintained by our security guards. They record all necessary and related information on a day to day basis. We believe in complete transparency. Clients can avail of a copy of these documents at any time they so desire. Our condo security services include the followings:

  • Able and trustworthy security guards
  • Concierge and reception services
  • Parking lot security enforcement
  • CCTV security cameras and security alarms
  • Mobile patrol
  • Remote tracking and monitoring
  • First aid and protection against fire hazards