Toronto’s Leading Concierge and Security Guard Services Provider

State-of-the-Art Technology

Protective Services utilizes state-of-the-art patrol tracking technology to deliver unparalleled levels of quality assured security and customer service. Our clients and supervisors have the capability to monitor the exact location and time the guard performs a patrol through GPS live in real time via a secured proprietary Internet-based tour system.

Magnum Protective Services is committed to complete client accountability and the uninterrupted safety and security of our staff through the deployment of IVR lone worker technology. Magnum provides a feedback system for clients utilizing QR code technology. This enables and empowers residents and managers to rate our on-site staff in order to have their say and assist in security service delivery for their locations.

Competitive Advantage

Established in 1981, Magnum Protective Services is a Canadian owned, medium-sized security firm. What this means to you, our client, is that we are readily adaptable and flexible in our security service delivery in Toronto. We know the name of the staff member we assign to your site; their personality and ability to work within your community. If you have a problem with our security guard services, you won’t have to deal with someone who isn’t empowered to give you immediate resolution; you will never be stuck with leaving voice mails that only get answered a few hours later. When you call us and identify yourself as our client, and you ask to speak to our President, you will speak directly with our President, not a gatekeeper or an assistant. You are our client and we are accountable and answerable to you.

We are also able to customize a security solution tailored to accommodate our clients’ needs. Our hybrid of concierge and security allows Magnum Protective Services to address and represent the diversity and special needs of each community, while establishing a proactive mandate which incorporates equitable but firm security enforcement for a higher level of customer service and professionalism. We believe that pursuing excellence in the quality of service and client care is of extreme importance to what Magnum Protective Services represents. We pride ourselves that we are flexible and capable of maintaining ongoing communication to ensure that current and changing needs are met.

Training Processes

In house training

Customer service oriented training => establish a professional image, improve communication skills (telephone, written, voice mail), How to take request and then go above and beyond it.

Security Concierge Services from Magnum Protective Services

No two clients’ security concierge requirements are identical. The culture and personality of each property are determined by the tenants, visitors, staff and neighbors who come into contact. This is why we tailor our Toronto security concierge services and carefully select your concierge to ensure your needs are addressed with regard to training, culture and personality.

Our Toronto security concierge service is focused on meeting the needs of your property and enabling a memorable, service oriented experience that results in a superlative level of satisfaction. You, your guests and tenants will take comfort in dealing with the same security concierge at all times for all requests; we assign you, your own dedicated, exclusive expert security concierge to ensure the utmost continuous level of quality of security concierge service

Proactive Bespoke Security Concierge Services

Professional security concierge services from Magnum, the GTA’s leading bespoke security service provider since 1981, is a purveyor that provides worry-free premier security concierge services for your residential or commercial property.

Imagine having someone at your concierge desk who represents your property in a dignified and courteous manner. Your MPS security concierge is not only ready to assist your guests and tenants with unmatched customer service but also serve as a fully trained and licensed security practitioner who is ready to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Why MPS Concierge Services?

– For over 30 years, we have been consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our corporate clients each month in Toronto area.

– We tailor our security concierge services to meet your objectives and your image, allowing you to maintain the continuity of your corporate identity with high levels of service delivery satisfaction.

– All of our Security Concierge Staff have undergone extensive training in customer service, security concierge and safety. They must pass an annual criminal records background check, hold a valid Ontario Security License and are fully bonded and insured.

– MPS Concierge Services are available and flexible to handle emergencies. Our live dispatch centre is available 24/7 and located in the Greater Toronto Area to respond to your needs. Whether you require emergency information, a fully licensed and bonded Security Concierge at your property or require one of our Mobile Security Supervisors to attend at your property, we will respond to your needs immediately.

Whatever the emergency you encounter, as our client, you will get resolution and peace of mind simply with a telephone call.