The Logo

In 1981 when Magnum Protective Services Limited opened its doors as an industrial security guard service provider, the firm’s original logo was personally designed by Douglas McInroy, and thus reflects his military background in its composition but is not without meaning as a heraldic based design.

Original Logo & Current Logo for Industrial & Construction Security Operations

The original Magnum logo consists of a 16th Century French Provincial Escutcheon (shield) with a base tincture of black and edged in yellow. The base tincture of the escutcheon in black symbolizes in heraldic terms, the qualities of wisdom and persistence.

The yellow tincture edging of the escutcheon symbolizes wisdom, consistency and faith in the future. In the dexter chief (top centre) of the escutcheon are the upper case letters “MP” in yellow tincture, representing the initials of the firm, Magnum Protective. In the honour point (centre) of the escutcheon is a yellow silhouette of an eagle rising with wings displayed, symbolizing strength and courage. In the fess point (lower centre) of the escutcheon is the world with the Canadian flag on the dexter and the United States flag on the sinister in relation to the world. The earth symbolizes the multinational, multicultural diversity of those our firm serves and those who work within our firm. The flags symbolize the history of cooperation between Canada and America, and serves as an exemplar that effective safety and security is a cooperative effort. In the nombril point (lower) of the escutcheon the words Magnum Protective Services are in black lettering upon a yellow tincture field on a convex scroll. This logo continues to represent the commitment of the firm’s values and service delivery model for its safety and security operations in the industrial and construction sectors. New Stylized Logo for Security Concierge Operations

Magnum-Protective Toronto Old Logo

In 2012, Magnum Protective Services Limited adopted a stylized logo for its Security Concierge Operations. This logo is a break away from the traditional heraldic based original logo used by the firm, and reflects a less paramilitary and contemporary presence. The logo consists of the letters MPS in grey upper case bold block letters representing the initials for Magnum Protective Services and symbolizing service flexibility. In the counter of the letter P is red symbolizing strength and visibility through focused service. Below the letters MPS is a single thin red line symbolizing strength and support through presence. Below this single line is the firm’s name in upper case, Magnum Protective Services. This new logo symbolically summarizes the firm’s commitment to offer superlative security concierge service in a meaningful and proactive way for our clients, their tenants and guests.

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